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Tama R. May 17, 2021

Every week I look forward to my sessions with Effie. She is a friend, a motivator, and an INCREDIBLE personal trainer. Her knowledge of human physiology is superior and far exceeds any trainers I’ve worked with in the past. Her attention to detail and needs for my older body on any given week is amazing and appreciated. Since COVID we’ve done many workouts in her home and she is always coming up with creative ways to get a full workout in no matter the space. It has been a true pleasure getting to know Effie and to gain so many benefits from training with her.

Esther P May 17, 2021

Effie has been amazing as I've worked through old injuries, chronic pain issues, and getting back into shape after a pregnancy. I'd worked with a few trainers previously, but she just blows them out of the water in terms of her understanding of both fitness and how the muscles/ligaments/tissues/etc. connect and work together. I've really appreciated her ability to adapt exercises to meet my particular needs and limitations, as well as how she builds on what we've done in previous weeks in a way that pushes me to improve my strength and flexibility without causing pain. She's also just fun and easy to talk to, and her sessions are something I look forward to all week. I highly, highly, highly recommend her.

Ben C. August 3, 2020

Effie is an amazing trainer! To be honest I was skeptical at first because I am used to working out at a faster pace and lifting heavier. But Effie really showed me that with proper form and steady movements I was able to get a lot stronger. Not only did I naturally gain more strength I also had a lot more definition. One thing that really stood out to me is that Effie really cares. Why would someone take the time out of their day to say “Hey! Let's fix your walking while we're training.” Not a single trainer has ever told me that my legs were misaligned which is why my feet pointed outwards while walking. Not only that she explained the process to correct the problem for a whole-body balance. To this day I am aware of my balance and the position of my feet. It is the small things that Effie does that make her stand out from the rest. As long as you tell her your goals she will create an amazing workout plan for you. Since being with her for a short amount of time I have started lifting heavier with PROPER FORM! Not slouching, using momentum, just pure strength and good form. Thank you for everything you have taught me about my body, different muscle/bones and joints and how it affects one another. Teaching me how to be aware of oneself. If I ever move back to Eugene you will be the only trainer I pay to tell me that I am wrong. Cheers!

Floyd W. April 20, 2020

At the age of 85, I was referred to Effie by a friend. My primary concerns revolved around balance issues and fear of falling, especially in view of my age. I decided to make a 3-month commitment to work with Effie regarding these issues, as well as to improve my overall strength and fitness. I'm glad I did!

As Effie and I worked together, she taught me a number of exercises and procedures designed specifically for my individual concerns. I appreciated her friendly and patient approach as she did so. Working with her on a twice-weekly basis and following her suggestions for at-home workouts, I soon began realizing improvement in balance and strength as well as a greater sense of confidence. An additional benefit was the development of a commitment to continue exercising on my own after the 3 months with Effie ended. Now, several months later, I am doing daily 45-minute to one-hour sessions on my own using many of the techniques Effie taught me plus some I have added on my own.

I continue to grow in my confidence with regard to balance and the ability to take part in outdoor activities which I enjoy very much. I have also gained muscle mass and a greater sense of overall fitness. I would give Effie my highest recommendations as a trainer and a person, whatever your age or physical issues might be.

C.T. March 31, 2020

I have been working with Effie on a weekly basis for the last three months. I chose this as a supplement to my biweekly pilates. As one of the "elders" of this world who wants to stay fit and able to hike every trail in front of me, I have found Effie's weekly fitness sessions a great asset. She is focused on what is best for me, and not simply putting me through a cardio routine. And....she is just a wonderful person to talk to while I am working my tail off.

Kathleen March 29, 2020

Effie Siverts is an amazing coach. She knows her material and is able to answer every question I have about which muscle is doing what and how it applies to MY body. I like to know WHY, WHY, and more WHY so I can work out on my own more efficiently. She has infinite patience with me and takes the time to explain the whys. She is very kind with her corrections and I enjoyed working with her. I would recommend her highly!!

N.J. March 28, 2020

It is a true pleasure to work with Effie. Her knowledge of the human body and how to correctly position and engage muscle groups has helped me strengthen my body. She is also very good at understanding injuries and how to work with limited mobility to achieve goals.

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