Suit & Trunk Styles

Every stitch of every suit created here at EFFIE.FIT is hand-crafted and custom-tailored by Effie Siverts in Springfield, Oregon. Think of these as confidence-building, gender-inclusive suits, made in collaboration WITH YOU to help your inner majesty shine just as brightly on stage as the rest of all your hard work and discipline to get there!

2-Piece Suit Styles (for all federations)
Custom Made-to-Order Posing Practice and Competition Suits for Bikini, Bikini Wellness, BodyBuilding, Figure, and FitBody divisions.
(Featured: Molded C Cup Top with Brazilian Hybrid Pro Bikini Bottom in Shattered Glass.)
Suit Top design options:

SOFT Molded Cup – most common for athletes with natural breasts who see large changes in cup size during competition preparation, but also works well for athletes with enhanced breasts. Molded cup shape cannot be changed, however, its support is one of the easiest to wear and it can be perfect for maintaining great shape and comfort. Extra padding can easily be added to create a fuller cup and cleavage shape (from A to C), however, this style is not recommended for athletes with breasts larger than a D cup.

STIFF Molded Cup – provides extra support and structure to the suit top, but can be prone to gapping. Excessive gapping cannot be fixed with glue on competition day.

Adjustable Drawstring/Halter Top – most popular among athletes that have enhanced breasts or those that have naturally larger than D-D+ size busts, though I’ve seen it work well with smaller chested (A cup) athletes as well, as it can be adjusted to shape and size preference.  If your bust size has remained fairly constant in competition prep and you want to make sure you can have a natural-looking bikini top, this is a great option. The big advantage of this style of cup is that it can be adjusted to any shape and size preference. It can also be used particularly well to adjust for gaps in the cups for a smoother fit.

Bikini Bottom Front Cut:

Custom-tailored based on your desired coverage. Low, medium, or high low-abdomen coverage (best for covering scars or loose skin). Refer to the pictures in suit top design options above for coverage and design styles.

Bikini Bottom Cut options:
Borrowed for design reference from

Micro Pro – the most revealing cut and NOT recommended without coaches or federation approval. It has 1/2-inch less fabric on each cheek than the Pro Cut. (If your federation bans thongs then this is not an option you should consider.

Pro Cut – similar to a standard thong, this design has 1-inch less fabric on each side than the Brazilian Cut and helps to reveal more glute and hamstring definition for the confident athlete. If you’re feeling confident in your shape, give it a try! (Highly recommended for petite athletes.) This design does require bikini glue to stay in place on stage.

Brazilian – the most popular cut and is suitable for most federations. A perfect option for those that are looking to show off their hard-earned glutes, while providing more coverage than the Pro Cut (with 1-inch more fabric on each cheek). Recommended for NPC Athletes.

Moderate – a more conservative cut, fitting closer to a traditional bikini with 1-inch more fabric on each cheek than the Brazilian Cut. It can be worn by any athlete in any league and can be a great choice for those new to competing and not ready to reveal as much skin on stage.

CONSIDERATIONS for WNBF/INBF Athletes – “Micro Pro”, “Scoop”, or other suits with minimal glute coverage are not allowed. The “Brazilian” cut or suits that provide moderate coverage are preferred. Consult with your coach if you need help in making an informed decision.

Figure Bottom Cut options:

Figure Pro – customized with a reduced taper to highlight your glutes the best. This design does require glue to stay in place on stage.

Figure Moderate (aka Brazillian) – the standard style and coverage for the figure and physique divisions, and comes with a high V-Shape on the front and back designed to sit high on the hips. The criss-cross back straps are measured to fit your torso length and use clips to anchor them to the bottoms as they are secured to the top.

Figure Pro – customized with a reduced taper to highlight your glutes the best. This design does require glue to stay in place on stage.

Competition Figure Suits custom made by Effie
Don’t be afraid to let all your hard work shine!
Custom competition suits hand-crafted by Effie.
BodyBuilding Trunks
Men's Posing Practice and Competition Trunks
Custom-tailored to YOU to perfect your posing practice or nail that routine on stage!
Men’s Bodybuilding Posing Trunk options:

Pro/Modern Fit – with 30% glute coverage, this is the cheekiest look for male competitors on stage – ⅓ the coverage of a classic/full coverage suit. Designed to sit high on the hips, the glutes can be accentuated with light ruching on the top back of the suit.

Traditional Fit – with 50% glute coverage – ¾ the coverage of a classic/full coverage suit.

NPC Classic/Full Coverage Trunks

Classic/Full Coverage – with 100% coverage of the glutes; an attractive and sporty fit for all athletes, with a 3-4.5″ hip. These trunks are currently in design for future production.

Classic Men's Posing Trunks
*currently in design for future production

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