This is just a portion of my large fabric inventory. What is listed below is a wonderful array of my available types (i.e. holographic vs velvet), pattern/design, and colors to help guide your decision/selection process.

If something piques your interest but isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, select it when you place your order and let me know in the notes section that you’d like to see more options.

The majority of these fabrics are 4-way stretch performance spandex, which is typically a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, yet all have high stretchability.

Solids & Knits

Mystique & Mystique Holographic

Holographic & Metallic

Prints & Specialty Fabrics

Don’t See What You Want?

  1. Go have some fun! Visit your local fabric store and explore fabrics that have a 4-way stretch (can be stretched in all directions), and are made with spandex for breathability. Think swimwear and leotards – though many can also be found in the cosplay section.
    • Matte fabrics are easy to work with and provide a great canvas for design, however, don’t hesitate if a Hologram fabric speaks to you! These are so fun to work with and add a lot more pop and pizzazz to the design canvas.
    • Jewel tones always do really well on stage – think purples, emerald greens, teal blues, navy blues, etc. (Reds, pinks, and oranges can be really tricky unless very bold.) But also, go with what speaks to YOU! This is your experience after all!
    • NOTE: if you hold them up against your skin realize that with a spray tan, your skin will be oompa-loompa dark and your natural color is not a good indicator of what the material will look like on stage… so refer to the first step for desired results.
    • IMPORTANT! Take pictures of the materials and the product name/SKU information and send them to me in your custom order request form. custom design studio