Custom Competition Wears

Confidence-Building Competition Suits

Investing in a competition suit, whether it’s your first or not, is a big decision because this is your time to SHINE and CELEBRATE all of your hard work and discipline. This is YOUR experience, and I’m here to help you present your achievements with a high-quality, custom-tailored suit that represents you!

Custom competition wears by Effie, WNBF Pro Masters Bikini Athlete
Effie Siverts, WNBF Pro Masters Bikini Athlete.
Photo Credit Sheri Hubbs Photography

Confidence is everything when taking that first step on a competition stage, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or this is your very first experience. All eyes are on you, and yes, you’re already being judged. First impressions are everything, but so is the value of your suit holding up to the stresses of a long day both on and off stage. My goal is to make wearing your suit the last thing you have to worry about. The best way to build your confidence is to be a part of this collaborative design process and make YOUR suit everything you want it to be!

This is Collaborative Design.

Because I invest myself into every detail of your custom-tailored suit design and bedazzlements, I ask that you please provide a 3-month lead time when placing your order, as I will be juggling multiple orders simultaneously.

Effie and friends at WNBF NW Royal, Sept 2023
Custom competition suits custom-tailored by Effie.
Aaron Orton, WNBF Pro and Owner/Operator of Genuine Fitness Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon
Aaron Orton, WNBF Pro and Owner/Operator of Genuine Fitness Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon


Midnight Blue - Neon Gradient on Black Velvet

Custom, Collaborative, Made-to-Order Bikini, Figure, & Bodybuilding Competition & Posing Practice Suits

Posing & Competition Trunks

Men’s Posing Trunks for Posing Practice, Pre-Judging, & Routine/Awards

Enhancements & Modifications

Enhancements & Modifications




Up-Lifts for
Well-Endowed Women (temporary custom fit)

Post-Show Cleanings

Post-Show Cleanings
(includes gem buffing & repair as needed)

Your Task…
Design Research!

  1. Look up photos or videos online of recent competitions (and the division(s) you intend to compete in):
    • PLEASE! Screenshot or download images that give you inspiration so that you can help me get your complete vision! These can be uploaded during the ordering process to share your design concepts with Effie.
    • What colors stand out to you or catch your eye the most? What draws your attention and excites you when you see it?
    • Who has similar hair coloring or body features as you? What works for them, or is NOT working for them? Don’t just look at colors, but also patterns and connectors as well.
    • What aren’t you seeing that could add a unique flare to your suit design? The process of elimination works well here too.
    • Do you like having an adjustable triangle top or a SOFT or STIFF molded cup design? If you’ve competed before, what style fits you best, or what are you wanting to try now? Inserts to provide structure and shape will be included in your order.
    • Examine the top’s center connector designs. How much cleavage do you want or need? How much spacing is ideal for your breast/chest shape?
    • Rhinestones, bedazzlements & connectors! In your research, what inspired you? What colors or pattern designs spoke to you? We’ll build from there.
    • Think about how that will all go together with competition bling/jewelry you plan to or hope to wear.
  2. Understand the requirements of your federation on the expected cut/fit of your suit.
    • Are you competing in bikini, figure/physique, bodybuilding? Get informed on fitting requirements or styles not allowed on their website. Search for suit styles from photos or videos of recently passed events.
    • Make sure to order the ideal style and shape of coverage (more or less revealing) that is complementary to your body shape and helps boost your confidence. custom design studio