About Effie…

My name is Effie, pronounced ‘eH-Fee.’ It is my birth name, and no, it isn’t short for Euphemia, Estafina, or Elfriede… though I am, at times, Effervescent.

Since 2018, I have been a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach specializing in Corrective Exercise for functional movement and strength training.

In 2023, I began offering Custom Competition Wears to my repertoire of services. I am your design ally and support all athletes looking for a competitive advantage when competing on stage for fitness competitions. I aim to be both gender- and style-inclusive, and through collaborative design, I custom-tailor for each athlete’s optimal fit and comfort.

Collaborative design means that I create your vision, per your unique requests, to express and present YOU in the ways that represent YOUR best features, physique, and personality! Learn more here.

My skills expand into digital and visual graphics as well, and I will continue to build this site to highlight and offer those services, as I am able.

My Backstory…

In July of 2021, I allowed myself to compete in my first natural bodybuilding competition and became a WNBF Master’s Bikini Professional Bodybuilder at the INBF Cecil Phillips Classic Natural Bodybuilding event in Eugene, Oregon! I competed in four (4) competitions my first season – wrapping it up on the WNBF World Championship stage in Las Vegas! Currently, my training is focused on hypertrophy (muscular growth and development), as I focus on muscular symmetry for competing in the sport of the Fit Body divisions, where flexing is fun!

However, age is not reflective of the severity of health issues that can befall an individual. Just because someone “looks good” does not mean they have optimal health. Like me… I have an invisible disease.

After a lifetime of chronic illnesses, years of medical monitoring, surgical interventions, and ongoing physical therapy, I was finally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type III (hEDS, a connective tissue disorder) in 2018. This diagnosis shed light on and encompassed the myriad of health challenges I have suffered most of my life, from heart arrhythmia, joint subluxations, exertion asthma, pelvic prolapse, SI joint dysfunction, and gastrointestinal dysmotility, to name a few. 

I have had to learn self-discipline with my health and fitness the hard way, as I had allowed my conditions to be excuses for an inactive and sedentary lifestyle. I had to stop wishing for the life and body I wanted and start working for it. In 2015, I began a strength training program, designed by my husband, that changed everything. I not only fell in love with weightlifting, but it transformed me, inside and out.

Consistency, and taking my training one day at a time, was and IS the key. Through my many challenges, I have learned to train with awareness, intention, mindfulness, and tenacity. Through this journey, I found my confidence and my passion.

While preparing for and recovering from major surgery in 2017, I left my career in the tech industry to keep my health and wellness goals in focus and help others on their own journey. Even though I only offer personal training on a part-time basis now, as it fits in with my other obligations of full-time parenting and part-time caregiving, I am blessed to continue working with several clients. What I offer is my unique perspective of how physical challenges and limitations, excuses, and mindset affect our commitments and outcomes. I provide a safe space for my clients to be accepted as they are, where they are, and provide an educational opportunity for self-discovery that helps them unlock their potential, both in fitness and in their personal lives. 

It just takes a little ‘try all and effort’ to live ‘onward and strongward’. (My own two personal mottos and motivationals!)


“Keep living onward and #strongward!”

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