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What Clients Are Saying…

Kathleen    March 29, 2020  

Effie Siverts is an amazing coach. She knows her material and is able to answer every question I have about which muscle is doing what and how it applies to MY body. I like to know WHY, WHY, and more WHY so I can work out on my own more efficiently. She has infinite patience with me and takes the time to explain the whys. She is very kind with her corrections and I enjoyed working with her. I would recommend her highly!!

Esther P    May 17, 2021  

Effie has been amazing as I've worked through old injuries, chronic pain issues, and getting back into shape after a pregnancy. I'd worked with a few trainers previously, but she just blows them out of the water in terms of her understanding of both fitness and how the muscles/ligaments/tissues/etc. connect and work together. I've really appreciated her ability to adapt exercises to meet my particular needs and limitations, as well as how she builds on what we've done in previous weeks in a way that pushes me to improve my strength and flexibility without causing pain. She's also just fun and easy to talk to, and her sessions are something I look forward to all week. I highly, highly, highly recommend her.